Journal 10: Iconography of the U.S.

18 Apr

A. What is the icon?

B. How did it become iconic in the U.S.?
It is the largest chain fast food restaurants in the world and has over 33,000 outlets worldwide. It became so popular because it is cheap and advertises its ‘happiness.’ Cheap food will make anyone happy. They also market very well to children with their Happy Meals. I remember being little and wanting a McDonald’s Happy Meal just so I could get the prize inside. Kids love toys, and parents listen to their kids’ desires more often than they should.

C. How is it employed outside of the U.S.?
To list only a few of the McDonald’s locations worldwide: Japan, France, Puerto Rico, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, and Iraq.

D. Was the cultural response to this usage positive or negative? Was the U.S. response to this usage positive or negative? Why or why not?
The cultural response to this usage was very positive. America always seemed glamorous to other countries, so to eat their food is almost like you are becoming an American. The U.S. response to this usage was, of course, positive. The more fans we get of our restaurants, the more important we feel.

E. What might have been a more culturally relative icon to use in place of the U.S. icon? Why?
A Japanese fast food place, for example, would have been more relative. But then again, we have Japanese food all over the place in America, and it is usually served pretty quickly. Perhaps the Japanese wanted a taste of another culture, just as anyone else does. The grass is always greener on the other side.


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