Journal 6: Coolness, Anti-Ads, and Culture Jamming

7 Mar

This ad is an attempt to not look like an ad. There is no text-based information other than what is necessary: the brand logo and the name. These features are not dominant. The main focus is on the image, which portrays a culture not only through the clothing, but through the car and the plant. This is a cool, high-class and leisurely culture. The black and white image gives a certain sophistication to the ad, but this couple is definitely not on their way to work.


This ad is an example of culture jamming. An overload of cosmetic brands are represented here. Nothing is organized or structured; the products are cluttered and chaotic, just like the advertising culture. The focus is not on any one particular brand, but on the idea of color. The text at the bottom of the ad says, “Color Changes Everything.” Target is creating a new message with this ad. It is not about the brands, it is about color–but you have to buy the brands in order to get the color. The mirror is strategically placed to face the viewer so that we replace the girl in the mirror with a reflection of ourselves as it would appear with the application of those products. Or maybe it is a reflection of American beauty, which has been shaped by the advertising culture.


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