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Journal 2: Appropriation

26 Jan


a. The original intended meaning of this poster was a movie poster for ‘The Dark Knight’ featuring the Joker with the words, “Why so serious?” and drawing a red painted smile with his finger.

b. The image is appropriated by replacing the Joker with Ronald McDonald. The words now read: “Why so delicious?”, refering to McDonalds food. Ronald paints the McDonalds logo where the Joker’s smile was, and the words “I’m loving it” (McDonalds slogan) replace “The Dark Knight.”

c. The new meaning produced from the appropriation is slightly eerie. Clowns are sometimes considered frightening, and showing Ronald McDonald in this light does not making him an exception. It makes me wonder, Why IS McDonalds so delicious? What do they put in their food?! Suddenly I am creeped out and have lost my appetite.

This is my attempt at appropriation. And, no, I am not saying Apple is evil! And I am most certainly not picking on Steve Jobs. I just thought this would be an interesting idea. Notice the correlation between the fact that the serpent told Eve that the apple (or fruit) would give her wisdom (hence Apple’s slogan, ‘Think Different’), and though it did, it also lead to death (Steve Jobs’ death being an example). However, this poster could also mean that technology in general may be leading to the destruction of the world. Then again, it could mean that Apple is so tempting that man cannot resist. There is a lot to be interpreted from this,  so I am not trying to persuade viewers of anything; I am only presenting them with a thought.

*The painting I used in the poster is called “Temptation” by William Strang


Journal 1: Image Icons

16 Jan


B. The image icon portrayed in this print ad is a polar bear

C. The polar bear is one of the icons used in advertisements for Coca Cola (Santa Claus being another). Because the arctic is the home of the polar bear, using a polar bear as an image icon hints at the refreshing ice-cold experience of a drink of Coke.

D. This year, Coca Cola worked with World Wildlife Fund to create Arctic Home, which raises awareness and funds to restore a “home” to polar bears. Because Coca Cola has such a strong face, this campaign works to capture the attention of a wider audience. The polar bear is the official mascot of Coca Cola–if the polar bear goes extinct, then who will represent the company?

Coca Cola is not even the dominating focus in this ad. The focus is the polar bear, and the ad brands Coca Cola by using its well-known red and white colors. These colors also associate with Christmas, thus the connection to the holiday through the printed words: GIVE NEW MEANING TO ‘HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.’ The holidays are a time of warmth, love, and happiness. It is a time to come together at home with family. This advertisement seeks to touch on this emotion to create more sympathy for polar bears, as if they, too, long to be ‘home’ for the holidays.

E. This advertisement, simple as it is, does persuade me. It sparked all the emotions it was supposed to. I am a sucker for the warmth and cheerfulness of Christmas, so I feel sad for the polar bears and am invited to visit to find out how I can help. This ad also makes me nervous for Coca Cola. Not that I drink it, but it makes me wonder if Coca Cola will struggle in finding a new identity if it loses its mascot. What will it mean for Coca Cola’s consumers?